I have built my brand on the belief that jewellery carries much emotional value for the wearer and as such should embody a sense of timeless beauty. Each item of jewellery has been lovingly designed and handcrafted by myself in my Sunshine Coast based studio. My jewellery making journey began as a child, sitting with my aunt stringing exotic beads into a jewellery set…a necklace with matching earrings. From there, my curiosity led me to enrol in a jewellery making college in the Netherlands when I was just 17. Under the guidance of artists, designers, gemologists, watchmakers and goldsmiths I developed the skills that enabled me to turn a thought into a reality. Nowadays I draw inspiration from the world around me in its many shapes and forms, all the while incorporating a minimalist approach to my designs.

Each piece of jewellery has been designed and made by myself using high quality materials such as 9ct and 18ct gold, sterling silver, precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls and Australian timber. A range of jewellery making techniques are used to create these pieces, for example a ring must be sawn, filed, soldered, cleaned up, stones set and polished before it may be considered finished. As I am the owner and sole operator of MetzyDezigns I am able to guarantee a degree of exclusivity due to the fact that the jewellery is not being mass produced; thus there are a limited number of each design out in the public. Knowing this adds uniqueness to each piece.

Tools of the trade